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The ultimate skip tracing tool that delivers deeper insights


TLOxp is a skip tracing solution that provides fresher, more timely contact data so you can reach consumers earlier in the collections cycle and recover more dollars.


Now that TLOxp® has joined TransUnion’s portfolio of solutions, the next generation in deep skip tracing tools contains information on an estimated 95% of the U.S. population. Leverage our massive data repository and unmatched linking algorithms to locate even the hardest to reach individuals and businesses that owe debt. TLOxp returns critical data on key debtor information such as current phone numbers, addresses, relatives, associates, place of employment and much more at the lowest transactional costs in the industry.

Customizable to fit Your Specific Needs

The TLOxp interface allows you to tailor searches and reports for the broadest possible search options, or narrow scope and output, while maintaining the flexibility to easily make changes. With our intuitive administrative features, you can customize our system down to the individual collector, increase skip trace collection efforts, reduce the collection cycle, and meet your agency’s specific needs and objectives.

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