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See how TLOxp can help you uncover the truth

Verify identity. Combat fraud. Minimize risk.

Comprised of public and proprietary records, TLOxp® is the most powerful technology in the market for locating and researching connections between individuals, businesses and assets. You can access TLOxp’s massive data repository through the intuitive, online interface, batch processing and secure API connections.


TLOxp provides solutions for:

  • Consumer identity authentication.
  • Linking people, businesses and assets.
  • Internal and external fraud prevention, detection and resolution.
  • Increased effectiveness of government compliance programs.
  • Enhanced due diligence and risk assessment on people and businesses.
  • Investigating potential conflicts of interest.
  • Debt recovery.


Instant access to millions of records

TLOxp provides data on more than 95% of the US population. Types of data you may find on your subject include POE, relatives, associates, utilities, cell phones, addresses, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and more.


Start now

If you’re new to TLOxp, Try it out for FREE* and witness the difference powerful searches can make. Call us at 800-856-5599 for more information on our batch and API solutions.

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