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TLOxp Vehicle Sightings

Locate vehicles nationwide using license plate recognition data

Vehicle Sightings Reports and License Plate Recognition

Easily access the travel history and last known locations of road-bound vehicles in the United States, when available, with direct access via TLOxp®. What's more, you can plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle on a single user-friendly map — an innovative way to draw meaningful insights with far less effort. Be sure to add this breakthrough search to your list of investigative tools.


How Does Vehicle Sightings Work?

TLOxp enables access to Vehicle Sightings data, allowing you to view billions of sighting records.

  • Get time, date and locations for each sighting
  • Watch location data come to life with integrated online mapping tools
  • Plot sightings at national and state levels with the precision to drill down to cities and neighborhoods


Vehicle Sightings Search

Search by license plate in a single state or across the country with returned results within the following categories:

  • Current: sightings within the last 30 days
  • Recent: sightings from 31 to 90 days
  • Historical: sightings older than 90 days
Sample rendering using fictitious data from DRN Event Links

1. Sample rendering using fictitious data from DRN Event Links.   

Powerful vehicle sightings search and report

  • Access a free preview of your subject’s vehicle sightings where the number of detections is returned prior to running a full report.
  • Types of vehicle sightings searches include Address Search, Vehicle Search and Picture Search.
Sample rendering using fictitious data from DRN Event Links

 2. Sample rendering using fictitious data from DRN Event Links

*Access to Vehicle Sightings is subject to availability by industry to qualified subscribers for permitted use cases.

Use Vehicle Sightings to:

  • Spot patterns by plotting multiple sightings for the same vehicle

  • Uncover the most likely locations of search subjects

  • Reveal predictive travel patterns

  • Identify potential associates/relationships/contacts

  • Reach subjects who are actively avoiding contact

  • Identify various types of fraud, including: garaging fraud, commercial use of a personal vehicle, pre-existing damage and more

  • Investigate claims and alibis

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