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TransUnion Credit Reports

Available directly from TransUnion via TLOxp

Investigate deeper with access to TransUnion Credit Reports via TLOxp®

The data available in TLOxp helps verify statements, discover inconsistencies and spot indicators for fraud. You can, however, build on that value by applying for access to TransUnion Credit Reports (not a product or service offered by TransUnion Risk and Alternative Data Solutions, Inc.) by use of a link within TLOxp to TransUnion’s site.

Create more of a ‘one-stop-shop’ dynamic within TLOxp by enabling your account for access to TransUnion Credit Reports today. Subject to availability by industry.

Speak to an expert today to learn more.

TRADS is not a consumer reporting agency and does not assemble, compile, or maintain report information.TRADS may, on behalf of and at the discretion of Subscriber, request Consumer Reports, including but not limited to credit reports, from TU by transmitting Subscriber’s subscriber code, permissible purpose certification and subject consumer identifying information. TRADS, via TLOxp®, is soley a conduit for the delivery of the TransUnion Consumer Reports as a convenience to the Subscriber. Its contents have not been verified by TRADS and TRADS assumes no liability for any of the information provided by TransUnion. In no event shall any data obtained from TRADS be combined, merged, or otherwise used in connection with a TU Consumer Report, or any portion thereof. All requests for, and uses of, TU Consumer Reports are governed by the applicable service agreement(s) between Subscriber and TU.


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