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Discover more with access to social and web insights.

TransUnion's TLOxp® solution offers search and report functionality for access to (publicly-facing) social media and web data to support and enhance your investigations, research and due diligence. In a single search, you can discover more about a subject’s digital identity through information not readily accessible via other forms of public records data — helping you gather information and assess risk more effectively.

The Social Media Basic Search and Comprehensive Report bring new potential to your research. See how they compare:

Social Media Icons
Social Media Basic Search *
Social Media Comprehensive Report

Search by email address

Included Included

Links to social profiles
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more

Included Included

Expanded search criteria
Name, address, phone, email, username, employer, school, spouse, alias, etc.


Access to posts, photos and comments
Social media, blogs, videos, news articles and more


Access to data from millions of websites
including blogs, videos, news articles, ecommerce sites, dating sites, music, businesses, and more.


Organized Report


The Social Media Comprehensive Report provides access to the above information only when publicly available.

*Social Media Basic Search subject to availability based on individual Subscriber data permissions.

Easily gain access to a world of insight — which can save you valuable time, money and energy. Some use cases include:

  • Financial services and collections — Bolster debt recovery, support recovery of delinquent assets and investigate potential fraud.
  • Insurance — Special investigations support, claim verification, fraud and risk mitigation.
  • Law enforcement — Investigate behaviors of a subject based on their online (publicly-facing) posting activity; gather information to help support a case; better authenticate known locations; and discover new associates of subjects of interest.
  • Legal — supplement verification and authentication of witness and expert testimony; gather information to challenge a claim; or discover key insights regarding the facts of a case.
  • Investigations — Conduct due diligence for criminal and civil investigations.
  • Retail — Investigate store theft and fraud; as an aid for discovery of improper trademark usage and/or counterfeit items.

The information you’re looking for could be closer than you think. The Social Media Basic Search and Comprehensive Reports can help you discover more today.

Results may include:
  • Demographic data

  • Links to social media profiles

  • Publicly available photos

  • Data from millions of websites

  • Interests and household information

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