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TLOxp for Skip Tracing and Investigations

Locate the hardest-to-find individuals and dig deeper with the unmatched investigative tools of TLOxp

TLOxp from TransUnion is the go-to resource for skip tracing and more thorough investigations

TLOxp® uses advanced supercomputing technology and proprietary linking algorithms to filter through billions of public and propriety records in seconds. Just plug in any person or business, and TLOxp instantly returns a 360º profile that details all the information needed for collections and in-depth investigations. Find likely locations, telephones, assets, liens, bankruptcies, fraud history and much more.


You set the search criteria: TLOxp gives the answers.

TLOxp is the only system that maps relationships between a subject and his or her relatives and associates, so you can dig deeper, uncover new leads and close cases faster.

TLOxp is the answer:

  • Improve right party contact rates
  • Speed the collections process
  • Verify individuals and authenticate businesses in seconds
  • Conduct background checks
  • Locate hard-to-find persons
  • Examine relationships for deeper insights
  • Dramatically reduce traditional investigative legwork
  • Close cases faster to save time and money
  • Perform corporate due diligence
  • Combat fraud and enhance risk management
  • Uncover new leads and quickly identify dead ends
  • Build more thorough profiles with complete SSNs and DOBs*

* Complete SSN and DOB results are available for customers in the following industries only: licensed investigators, repossession agents, bail bonds, process servers


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