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Right Party Contact from TLOxp

Access actionable data that can enhance your right party contact rate

What We Offer


Billions of telephone records -- including landlines, mobile phones and VOIPs -- are each linked to an identity and ordered by degree of certainty.


Our proprietary analytics-based address rankings come from billions of unique name and address combinations and 60 variables built around the person, address and person-address association.


Powerful analytics link more than 700 million emails to unique identities. Our proprietary score fuses over 100 variables to rank emails so you have our best email for each identity.


We maintain a robust database of employment data. Choose from three options: Standard, Premium and Verified. You’ll receive a 100% verification rate on Verified hits.

Our intelligent analytics link up-to-date contact information with consumer identities.


Outdated, incomplete or outright incorrect data causes more than just frustration. It results in inefficient business operations, added expenses and eats away at your bottom line.

Right Party Contact Solutions from TransUnion’s Specialized Risk Group enhances your ability to reach the right party quickly and with less effort. Our intelligent identity resolution and modeling capabilities link critical contact information to identities.

The result: you’re more likely to reach the right party the first time.


Delivery how you want it

Access your data in the way that is most convenient for you. Whether it’s through our intuitive, web-based application, TLOxp®, or via our Batch Processing and API solutions, our delivery options produce economical and timely results.

TLOxp filters through a massive repository of public and proprietary data almost instantly. When you search with TLOxp, you receive detailed reports filled with actionable data in seconds. Get information faster, so you can take action faster.

Batch Processing
Batch processing makes it fast and easy to handle high search volumes. Whether you have hundreds or even millions of subjects in a single query, our batch processing solution filters each record through our massive data repository.

API Integration
Data is securely integrated with most of today’s software systems using standard XML gateways and SOAP interfaces. You can call up and view search results using current and familiar applications.


  • Receive completed files quickly and efficiently
  • Protect PII with secure and encrypted data (SSL, PGP, IP restricted)
  • Benefit from our custom solutions available
  • Get multiple reports in one efficient file
  • Receive notifications of any changes or updates to your list the moment they happen

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