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TLOxp for Asset Recovery

Use TLOxp’s advanced skip tracing and locate tools to quickly recover collateral and assets

Designed for law enforcement. Invaluable to the repossession industry.

The powerful search and locating technology in TLOxp® was originally designed for law enforcement. Now, with an updated interface and suite of tools, repossession agents can take advantage of our advanced technology. TLOxp allows agents to map relationships between search subjects and relatives, business associates and other related individuals.


With TLOxp, you can determine subjects' likely locations within minutes and recover assets faster.


TLOxp provides insights to:

  • Qualify operators
  • Locate and recover assets
  • Perform accurate vehicle searches even with partial information
  • Build more thorough profiles with complete SSNs and DOBs*

* Complete SSN and DOB results are available for customers in the following industries only: licensed investigators, repossession agents, bail bonds, process servers


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