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Charting the Course and Steering Toward Success: The Collections Industry in 2022

Trends, challenges and innovations reshaping third-party collections

For third-party collectors, 2022 was a mixed bag. On one hand, inflation and economic uncertainty drove consumers to amass higher levels of debt, a favorable development for the industry. On the other, third-party collectors suffered from the same pernicious effects of inflation as other industries, with rising costs and staffing shortages dragging down growth.

To explore the year in more detail, download your copy of TransUnion’s new, in-depth market report prepared in collaboration with research firm Aite-Novarica Group. It provides insights into:

  • Whether new accounts will rise or fall in 2023, according to industry insiders
  • Why large companies are embracing machine learning-based technologies
  • How Reg F, which went into effect Nov. 2021, changes the methods firms use to contact consumers
  • The big expenses firms must brace themselves for in 2023

Learn what’s going on in the industry now, where we go from here — and how you can best position your organization for the future.

Get your copy of Charting the Course and Steering Toward Success: The Collections Industry in 2022. 

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