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TLOxp for Legal Professionals

TLOxp provides an extensive online records database to help Legal Professionals quickly build stronger cases

TLOxp makes building and strengthening cases easier with instant access to unparalleled data.

TLOxp® helps attorneys, paralegals and investigators piece cases together faster by offering instant access to actionable information. Enter an individual or business and receive a 360-degree profile compiled from a massive data repository that's updated daily. This fully scalable solution is available to law offices of any size and specialty.

Our advanced search and locating technology filters current public and proprietary records to return actionable information. You can use this information to reduce legwork, lower costs and speed up investigations. You can access TLOxp at any time with any Internet-connected device.

TLOxp enhanced billing makes invoicing a breeze.  For legal customers taking advantage of flat-rate contract pricing, TLOxp monthly invoices feature an itemized cost per search – allowing for greater accounting visibility and optimized billing for your clients. This complies with ABA guidelines along with most state bar associations.


  • Dig deeper into known relationships

  • Discover new links between subjects including shared assets, phones and properties

  • Find facts that are missed when working with separate reports

  • Eliminate bad leads before they become costly

  • Pull a single report to explore any relationship

  • Reduce legwork


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