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TLOxp for Law Enforcement

Pinpoint actionable and accurate investigative resources with the power of TransUnion

The proven customized search and locate tool for law enforcement agents

Built on a foundation of hundreds of millions of records, the elite search and locate technology in TransUnion’s TLOxp® solution and advanced linking algorithms produce actionable data through a customized, user-friendly interface in a matter of seconds. Fragments of data can turn into concrete information as you dig deeper into leads you’ve identified.

This TransUnion solution aggregates data from over 10,000 sources to create the most robust public and proprietary records database, delivering instant access to fresh and pertinent multi-jurisdictional information about people, businesses and assets.


Industry’s most comprehensive 360-degree view into a subject’s identity, assets and relationships 


Equips you with vital information so you can:

  • Uncover multi-jurisdictional associations between people, businesses and assets
  • Identify non-obvious relationships with unique public record data
  • Leverage advanced analytics with TransUnion and customer supplied data


Speed and efficiency are paramount when the clock is ticking.


TLOxp positions you for optimum, timely and cost-effective investigative workflow:

  • Interface designed specifically for law enforcement needs
  • 60 variables to link & rank person-address associations
  • Best in class phone data including up to date carrier information

Did you know?

Over 90% of investigators from a TransUnion survey agree or strongly agree that TLOxp makes their jobs easier.

* The TLOxp database suppresses information on people 17 years of age and younger.



  • Data on over 95% of the U.S. population
  • 350 million Social Security numbers
  • Over 225 million employment records
  • 4 billion phone records
  • 4 billion address records
  • 90 million adult Millennials age 18–36*

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