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TLOxp for Insurance

TLOxp provides deep insights to help detect and prevent fraud, and investigate claims



Authenticate identity, combat fraud and minimize risk

TLOxp® provides current and actionable data on people and businesses. You’ll receive a 360-degree report containing the information necessary to speed up service to your valued customers, while protecting against unscrupulous fraudsters. With TLOxp, insurance professionals gain access to a comprehensive database of public and proprietary records.

TLOxp allows you to search for vehicle traffic histories, undisclosed drivers, rate evaders, and connections between people, businesses and assets. Any insurance claim flagged as suspicious can now be researched within seconds with TLOxp.

TLOxp provides insights to:

  • Authenticate identities
  • Investigate the legitimacy of claims
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Support subrogation due diligence
  • Uncover evidence of criminal history


Vast data, easily accessed, from an experienced partner

TransUnion applies more than 50 years of analytics and investigative experience though our TLOxp platform. By offering access to a comprehensive database of public and proprietary records, insurance agents can swiftly and confidently investigate potentially fraudulent claims. TLOxp helps you protect your customers and avoid risk.

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