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TLOxp Global Watch List Search

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Manage risk and streamline compliance with the Global Watch List Search from TLOxp

Now you can check individuals and businesses against 60+ U.S. and International sanctions and watch lists. This easy-to-use search indicates whether your subject is on a sanctions or watch list and is used in compliance due diligence, threat assessment and identity verification processes.


Help protect your organization

The OFAC and Patriot Act requires financial institutions to screen accounts against the OFAC listing. Facilitate compliance and help ensure that you are not conducting business with individuals who pose a threat to the United States.

Include this component of compliance by integrating the Global Watch List Search (GWLS) into your current account opening procedures.


The Global Watch List Search

This search includes the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), SDN, the EU and UN Consolidated Lists, HM Treasury Sanctions and more.

Access the search by:

  1. The Global Watch List search is a stand-alone search within TLOxp. You can access it from the main menu or from people and business search screens.
  2. We do the work for you! The Person Comprehensive Report and the Business Report now include an indicator for GWLS matches, including new details if a match is found for an individual or business.
  3. The Global Watch List is regularly updated. A comprehensive coverage list can be viewed within TLOxp via the "Description and Coverage" link on the Global Watch Lists search screen with update frequencies included.

Use TLOxp today to help protect your organization.


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