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TLOxp for General Counsel

The TLOxp® solution offers an extensive information database to help general counsel streamline their due diligence investigations and enhance risk mitigation.

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We help general counsel and in-house legal teams conduct investigations to make better decisions, combat fraud, mitigate risk and conduct business with confidence.

TransUnion’s TLOxp solution for general counsel and in-house legal teams are available for corporations of any size and industry.

TLOxp: The intuitive online portal

TLOxp enables general counsel to generate 360-degree profiles and insights on individuals, businesses and assets.

Holistic solutions that address the needs of general counsel

Batch Processing and Batch Monitoring

Use for matters involving high volumes of data, including class actions and mass torts.

  • Estimate the size of a certified class
  • Analyze potential class liability
  • Capture certified class members’ contact information for notifications
  • Validate data sets, including certified class members’ personally identifiable information
  • Monitor existing data sets for updates and revisions

API: Incorporate Into Your Workflow

Add powerful investigation tools into your existing legal technology with:

  • Seamless integration into your software’s interface
  • Simplified processes and consolidated workflows
  • A scalable solution that allows multiple users to conduct searches simultaneously

Data Solutions for General Counsel and its In-house Legal Team

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