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Fraud and Identity Management Solutions

Verify identities, authenticate consumers and mitigate risk with confidence

Identity management should help you keep out fraudsters while letting good prospects through

It’s a tough balance to strike – fighting fraud while not inconveniencing good customers. But considering the range of costs that fraud can produce and the impact it can have on your bottom line, you’ve got to be protected. A staggering $1.6 billion+ will be lost in card application fraud this year. Each fraudulent transaction that slips through can result in lost revenue and increased operational costs that quickly add up. Even more losses occur when an estimated 46% of consumers can’t always complete routine transactions. Increased review rates cause delays and create millions of dollars in back office expenses. These kinds of losses and increased expenses are hard for nearly any business to absorb.


The good news is, as fraudsters become more sophisticated, so does our approach to stopping them.

TransUnion’s TLOxp® and IDxpsm support the protection of your bottom line by providing actionable data on people and businesses to help you make better decisions, faster. And when you’re armed with tools that effectively identify fraud, you have a much higher likelihood of beating it.

Businesses often implement a myriad of complicated and costly solutions. We’ve reinvented fraud and identity management to be streamlined, affordable and easy to implement. With TransUnion, you can better detect online, offline, and confirm device identities to help you say yes to more customers with confidence.


Solutions for Corporate Risk and Fraud

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