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TLOxp for Financial Services

Verify identities, manage risk and enhance BSA and support AML compliance more efficiently and effectively with TLOxp

TLOxp from TransUnion protects your financial institution with the power to combat fraud

Today’s world of cyber banking and finance brings with it new and more difficult security and debt collection challenges: criminals operate on the edge of technology, regulatory compliance is strictly monitored, and the landscape is perpetually changing. TLOxp® from TransUnion helps you overcome those tough challenges.

Built on an architecture of cutting-edge supercomputers, proprietary linking and assessment algorithms, TLOxp gives you the power to instantly verify and combat fraud. Using point-and-click efficiency, receive comprehensive reports and gain everything you need to know, including addresses, telephones, criminal history, bankruptcies, liens, assets and more.


Why do financial leaders count on TLOxp?

TLOxp, which leverages the resources and experience of TransUnion, is the fast, affordable and effective way to combat fraud, collect debt, enhance due diligence and authenticate individuals. It’s the one tool that provides actionable data you can trust to protect your company and the interests of those who count on your valued services.


  • Instantly authenticate consumers

  • Improve due diligence on potential partners and relationships

  • Detect and resolve internal and external fraud issues

  • Use in connection with BSA and AML compliance programs

  • Speed up skip tracing efforts for debt recovery

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