Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions regarding our recent acquisition by TransUnion. If you require further assistance, please contact TLO® Customer Service at 800-856-5599.

Why was TransUnion interested in acquiring TLOxp?
TLOxp’s offerings are complementary to TransUnion’s existing portfolio of offerings, and together they can provide customers with access to a streamlined consumer information management system with even deeper insights into the areas of credit risk, insurance underwriting and claims management, fraud mitigation, identity verification, location services and asset recovery.

How will this acquisition benefit customers?
TLOxp complements TransUnion’s existing portfolio of offerings. As a part of the TransUnion family of businesses, we will continue to use the industry’s leading information sources—now including TransUnion’s CreditVision® data with new consumer telephone and address records—to power TLOxp. As part of TransUnion, we’ll continue to help companies make better, faster decisions that will improve their bottom line.

How will the TU acquisition influence TLOxp in terms of data and performance? Will I see an increase/decrease in data return?
TransUnion is committed to continuing the innovation our customers have come to expect. TransUnion will continue to invest in the TLOxp platform and you will soon find many of the core datasets within TLOxp enhanced and expanded, including TransUnion’s CreditVision® data with new consumer telephone and address records.

How safe and secure is the data that you maintain?
TransUnion has been in the business of safeguarding consumer information for decades and data security is at the very heart of the business. The data security capabilities and practices are at the forefront of the industry and meet all regulatory requirements.

What industries does TransUnion currently serve?
TransUnion serves organizations across numerous markets including financial services, collections, insurance, property management, healthcare, communications and utility companies. TransUnion employs approximately 3,500 people worldwide, serving more than 45,000 businesses and maintaining data on 500 million consumers and businesses across the globe. Two billion updates are processed monthly in the U.S. at TransUnion.
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  • Verify identity
  • Prevent and detect internal and external fraud
  • Link people, businesses, and assets
  • Conduct enhanced due diligence
  • Increase the effectiveness of current fraud prevention and legislative compliance programs
  • Identify relationships between customers, people, and businesses
  • Investigate potential conflicts of interest

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