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TLOxp Employment Solutions

Enhance your skip tracing process with standard, premium and manually verified employment solutions

Strengthen your skip tracing efforts and enhance recoveries with up-to-date employment data

Regardless of what type of business you’re in, you need access to effective tools and comprehensive data to more efficiently validate information. TLOxp® provides access to one of the largest sources of employment data in America. By quickly accessing actionable employment data, you’re able to quickly locate consumers, better segment inventory and investigate fraud more thoroughly to mitigate risk.

TransUnion offers three options to choose from, enabling you to determine which employment solution best addresses your organization’s specific needs. For your convenience, this extensive and useful data is available online via TLOxp, as well as directly through batch processing, monitoring and API.


  • Save time and money on searches with high-volume batch scrubs

  • Recover more debt in less time

  • Prioritize inventory of high-balance accounts to facilitate wage garnishment

  • Maximize ROI in your waterfall process

  • Mitigate risk by conducting more accurate due diligence
  • Investigate fraud more accurately

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