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Driving Violations

Optimize Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) spend by limiting MVR orders

Driving Violations gives you a clearer picture on auto claims

Check court record data to validate driving records and assess risks—with just a few clicks from within TLOxp® for Insurance. Get details on violations that may not have otherwise been discovered.

Driving Violations provides insights to:

  • Optimize any MVR spend and get deeper insight including recent violations
  • Search for violations across states
  • Find habitual borrowers associated with the vehicle
  • Verify undisclosed drivers in the household
  • Identity potential rate evasion for tickets and violations in different, higher rated territory
  • For PIP claims, search non-insured's address to find other insured individuals in the household


  • Name, date of birth, and address

  • Violation description

  • Disposition


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