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Data Quality Solutions

Enhancing data quality makes trust possible

Better data can help improve outcomes

If you’re not managing data quality, you risk not having the most up-to-date and consistent view of customers: The number of data sources continues to increase. Data becomes stale faster. Regulatory mandates are tightening. These issues – and many more – make it increasingly important to have an integrated and robust view into customers’ data identities.

With evolving economic dynamics in response to global health and macroeconomic pressures, rapid shifts in consumer behavior and regulatory changes require data quality management. Now more than ever quality data is an essential part of creating a more complete, current and consistent view of your customers as they interact with your business.

Our Data Quality Solutions help make it efficient and affordable to monitor, update and validate information such as:

  • Addresses
  • Names and name changes
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers and more


Data hygiene without the hassle

Scrubbing your data with TransUnion takes the stress out of keeping up with ever-changing information.  We’ll work with you to build a complete data quality strategy designed for your unique needs.


  • Help enhance data quality

Minimize duplicates, fill in gaps and refresh stale outdated information with comprehensive data coverage and quality.

  • Access insights quickly and with less effort

Receive multiple reports in one efficient file.  Bulk files can be delivered in as quickly as just a few hours.

  • Protect your data with secure file delivery

We offer peace of mind by protecting your customer data. Your files are securely delivered through an encrypted self-service portal or SFTP.

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