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Contact Tracing

Identify individuals who may have come into contact with a person exposed to, or infected with, a communicable disease like COVID-19

Enhance an effective and efficient contact tracing program.

Now you can support your contact tracing program to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases like COVID-19 and help your community’s most vulnerable members. Identifying individuals within an exposed or infected person’s network of contacts for public health contact tracing purposes is difficult with limited information.

TransUnion’s TLOxp® offers the ability to conduct a deeper public health investigation even with limited information on a subject. Our identity resolution technology and advanced analytics-based models are designed to uncover associations with people, employers and businesses.


TLOxp Advanced People Search

Search for individuals fast. Use our online platform to enable your public heath contact tracers to begin working immediately.

  • Quickly retrieve actionable information
  • Locate hard-to-find individuals
  • Authenticate individuals
  • Configurable user access control


Actionable Contact Reports

Uncover potential connections between your case and people they may have come in contact with based on:

  • Personal relationships
  • Current and historical addresses
  • Current and former employers
  • Business associations


Right Person Contact Data

Reach the right person quickly and with less effort. Our industry-leading identity resolution and linking capabilities connect critical contact information to identities. Contact data is available online or via batch or real-time API integration, including:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Places of Employment


  • Contact people quickly

Find and contact people who may have been exposed with a powerful search engine and pre-build reports that associate individuals and businesses to your case.

  • Verify identities confidently

Confirm the identities of potentially exposed individuals with confidence using multiple authoritative proprietary data sources and public records.

  • Streamline contact listings

Gain access to relational insights about individuals associated with your case, based on family, business, employment and other possible relationship status for use in compliance with applicable laws.

  • Maintain contact efficiently

Access our most current contact information to support your public health contact tracing engagements and follow-up.




*The TLOxp Contact Tracing solution is specifically available to public health agencies to aid in their response to communicable disease threats, such as COVID-19, and may be used for the limited purpose of aiding in the identification of individuals that may have been exposed to, and are at potential risk of, contracting the disease. Access to and use of the TLOxp Contact Tracing solution is subject to a user’s continued compliance with all applicable laws, including those pertaining to the privacy, confidentiality and security of health information.

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