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Third-Party Collections

Smarter right-party contact solutions for speedy and effective debt recovery

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Charting the Course and Steering Toward Success

The Collections Industry in 2022

You set the search criteria. TLOxp gives the answers.

Built on next-generation, skip tracing technology, TransUnion's TLOxp is a game-changing solution that provides actionable consumer contact and risk management insights to help third-party debt collectors facilitate a healthy bottom line.


Solution highlights:

  • Public and proprietary records including phone numbers, addresses, place of employment and much more.
  • Available through a user-friendly and customizable online interface or direct API connection.
  • Batch processing delivers high volume searches in a single query, and the capability to monitor for changes.

Who we serve

With dynamic changes in consumer behavior and legislation, it’s critical for collections agencies to protect their clients and improve operational efficiencies — while recovering as much debt as possible.

Armed with holistic insights and a team boasting years of direct industry experience, TransUnion empowers you to make smarter decisions throughout the entire collections lifecycle.

As a debt buyer, you face unique challenges ranging from ensuring accurate purchase estimates and identifying precise liquidation targets to hitting revenue targets from investors. With portfolios changing constantly, remaining profitable can be like trying to hit a moving target.

TransUnion's acumen and collaborative approach, combined with its cutting-edge technology, delivers comprehensive solutions to meet your mission-critical needs.

Collections law firms rely on their ability to settle high balance accounts in a short period of time. With that comes higher standards relating to federal and state laws, as well as ethics.

TransUnion insights remove the guesswork from recovery decisions to help you remain compliant and profitable.

By directly representing original creditors, you want to effectively recover debt while upholding the reputations of the brands you represent. Moreover, keeping strong client relationships depends on your ability to maintain tight compliance with state and federal laws.

By partnering with TransUnion, your clients can rest easy knowing their accounts are in good hands. Your organization can build long-lasting business relationships through outstanding performance and mutual respect for the consumer.

Part of a holistic suite of solutions designed to shorten your debt life-cycle

Scrub your inventory to mitigate risk and enhance recoveries.

Segmenting accounts is a necessary part of the collections process. Our data helps you quickly determine what inventory requires special treatment— important for compliance, risk mitigation and debt recovery strategies.

Identify accounts more likely and willing to pay.

Determine which accounts are most collectable using trended data and advanced predictive analytics with custom modeling capability. Monitor and be notified when changes occur in a consumer’s credit so you can proactively address treatment strategies.

Improve skip tracing efforts by reaching the right party fast.

Access consumer contact information by tapping into TransUnion’s vast data repository. You’ll gain access to best-in-class phone, address and employment information to increase recoveries.

What our customers are saying

"Having the TransUnion team behind us is paramount to our success."

Kevin Amato, Director of Performance Management, Enhanced Resource Centers, LLC

"With TransUnion we have an excellent partner who helps us achieve theresults we need."

Chuck Pona, Managing Partner, Consumer Collections, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

"TransUnion solutions give me the confidence to run a competitive and profitable business."

Manish Parikh, VP Operations, iQor

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