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Why Former Law Enforcement Agents Prefer TLOxp

A growing number of former law enforcement agents are taking on the challenging, yet rewarding, work of private investigation. With the skills they developed and honed during their years on the force, they are able to build successful licensed investigator businesses, successfully solving a variety of cases for their clients.

Along with their law enforcement skills, licensed investigators use a number of tools and resources in their investigations. Tools for skip tracing, investigation, as well as risk and fraud mitigation are an essential part of any private investigator’s business.

Former law enforcement agents who are familiar with the industry’s most effective tools choose TLOxp® from TransUnion as their database of choice. After working in the law enforcement industry and experiencing the challenges in searching for individuals, these experts understand the features necessary for an effective location identification technology.

Private investigators need an identity platform with a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms that turn data into probable leads. This is what TLOxp provides, and it’s why it is the platform preferred by many former law enforcement agents.

TLOxp for private investigators

It’s essential that private investigators have a simple-to-use, advanced platform with an interface designed to support the unique needs of investigators. The TLOxp online application was created to provide a comprehensive look into the identity, relationships and assets of subjects. The platform has data on a majority of people in the US, providing a detailed and in-depth records database with  relevant and actionable information.

As the most efficient and targeted way to locate and discover information about people and businesses, TLO skip tracing software offers billions of on demand records in just seconds. Instead of taking weeks to go through public online records and manually sort out individuals, the TLOxp online application simplifies your search results with its intuitive dashboard. Private investigators can have a subject’s  identity and information quickly revealed to them, helping solve their cases quickly and saving them time and money.

Former law enforcement agents know that TLOxp is the most powerful skip tracing tool with actionable information. The seamless interface is used to verify  identities, detect and prevent internal and external fraud, and locate persons and assets.

Top features include names, aliases, Social Security numbers, relatives, phone numbers, addresses, assets, past and current employment, criminal history, financial history and much more.

With all of this data at their fingertips, and the ability to sort through and connect it in seconds, it’s no wonder that former law enforcement agents choose TransUnion’s TLOxp.

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