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TransUnion Announces Rebrand of its Business Solutions with Focus on Providing a Tru™ Picture of Consumers

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TransUnion announced today the rebranding of its global lines of business solutions. Rolling out first in the U.S., the enterprise initiative organizes thousands of existing B2B products into seven solution lines, defined by business need and unified by a promise to deliver a Tru™ picture of consumers – a robust, multi-layered and actionable view of each person, stewarded with care.

Through organic investment and the acquisitions of Neustar® and Sontiq®, TransUnion has built upon its expertise in consumer identity to expand beyond credit into fraud management, marketing solutions and communications. 

“TransUnion’s rebrand clarifies our product offerings and better demonstrates our expertise in both our heritage and new markets, while also making it easier for customers to find what they need,” said Chris Cartwright, President and CEO of TransUnion. “It’s the next logical step in the company’s evolution. We can now offer more powerful consumer insights than ever before, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers in more ways, and at a much deeper level.”

TransUnion’s newly organized global solutions lines includes TruLookup™: investigative products that deliver actionable information to help organizations conduct faster due diligence or issue resolution, and includes TLOxp® as the primary delivery platform; and features a unique mix of capabilities to help solve your business challenges:

  • Investigate and Alert - Investigate and obtain information about individuals and businesses to mitigate any potential risk associated with them 
  • Locate and Recover - Information and insight you can leverage to locate and recover dollars, property and assets
  • Identity Enrichment - Enriches identity data to ensure the accuracy, recency and comprehensiveness of consumer information

“Ultimately, we believe the rebrand will simplify our offerings and allow customers from disparate industries such as financial services and media and entertainment to easily navigate our product portfolio and capitalize on the Tru picture that TransUnion offers, no matter what the use case,” concluded Tim Martin, Chief Global Solutions Officer, TransUnion. 

To learn more about all seven solution lines including TruLookup, please visit the newly re-designed TransUnion website at

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