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Smarter Data is a Game Changer for Selecting Juries

Investigative tools help create fair and impartial panels

Until recently in legal scenarios, big data was the exclusive domain of jury consultants or large law firms with deep pockets and enough resources to wade through immense and confusing amounts of information. But investigative tools that provide easy access to data — and can rapidly analyze potential jurors by connecting and prioritizing reams of information — are emerging as powerful tools for lawyers seeking the bests outcomes for their clients.

Why data science helps improve the selection process

With little time to research potential jurors using manual methods, attorneys and consultants traditionally pick juries based on what they can observe — age, gender, answers to background questions during voir dire and body language — leading to jury pools selected at least partially based on stereotypes and hunches.

These inefficiencies can result in a jury selection system that:

  • Encourages a potentially discriminatory use of peremptory challenges
  • Creates a disadvantage for counsel unable to afford hiring jury consultants with access to insightful data
  • Often fails to create a representative cross-section of the community

 Investigative tools can resolve many of these issues — giving lawyers current and more reliable information to examine potential jurors.

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Uncover hidden biases and support

Even though lawyers have the names of potential jurors, the voir dire process is comparatively rushed leaving little time for research that may identify those likely to have a hidden bias against their case.

Investigative tools give attorneys access to detailed information that offers revealing insights into how potential jurors may likely to respond to the various issues, topics, witnesses and general concepts in a case.

Better insights allow lawyers to keep valuable jurors who might otherwise have been rejected due to stereotypes. It also enables them to make informed strikes on potentially-biased jurors who could destroy their case.

Previously unattainable insights

While nothing can guarantee the outcome of a trial, data is quickly becoming a game changer that gives attorneys who use it a powerful advantage.

Cutting-edge research tools like TLOxp® by TransUnion make it easy and affordable to quickly find more accurate, actionable information on potential jurors. TLOxp uses proprietary linking algorithms to scour 125 billion records on an estimated 95% of the U.S. population within seconds, uncovering insightful information and establishing patterns and relationships.

To learn more about how TLOxp can improve your jury selection process, use the form below to contact one of our experts today.

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