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New TruLookup and TLOxp Improvements: Q2 Updates

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At TransUnion, we understand our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, which is why we continually innovate to improve or enhance our solutions to help meet your business goals.

To that end, in Q2, we updated TLOxp® and our TruLookup™ Batch and API solutions, enabling better matching, improved ranking and more data.

Address improvements

With a recent focus on address data, TruLookup now provides additional logic to support the ranking and scoring of address attributes in TLOxp. These updates allow users access to enhanced ranking logic that better identifies top ranked address on approximately 10% of the active population.

TLOxp users can harness 5.5 billion address records1 via a variety of searches and reports designed to deliver the right data when and how you need it, including:

TruLookup Address Report — Tap into current and historical known details associated to a specific address, including individuals, businesses, assets and filings in one robust report.

TruLookup Advanced People Search —  The most widely used search within TLOxp provides one of the most holistic views of an individual, including their address, date range seen at an address, and radius searches within 10 miles of an address.

Deceased data updates

New deceased sources provided additional data to TLOxp in Q2. This data was further improved with expanded matching logic (that provides 5% to 10% more deceased hits) to help users identify deceased individuals in a more efficient and timely manner.

TLOxp sorts through over 190 million deceased records2 to rank disparate data and deliver the most relevant results in the most usable and customizable format, such as:

TruLookup Deceased Search — Specifically search for deceased individuals and focus on the results and information of most importance and value.

As always, TransUnion remains committed to providing customers with meaningful insights at a great value. For more information or to schedule a free demonstration of TLOxp, visit or call 800-856-5599.

1, 2 Data as of Q2 2023

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