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Investigators: Partial Data May Be Enough to Find a Subject

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TransUnion’s Investigative Tool Holds the Key to Uncovering Missing Information in Seconds

Consider this scenario: A non-custodial parent snatches their child and witnesses can’t recall every critical detail. An investigator charged with finding the missing child doesn’t have much to go on. Advanced technology that fills in the blanks from partial pieces of data can help paint a full picture within moments.

Discovering the truth in seconds

TLOxp® by TransUnion combines expansive databases with linking algorithms that can use fuzzy snippets like “blue pick-up truck” and “Georgia plates with E, M and 1 — not sure of the order” to uncover the blue, 2014 Chevy Silverado with the exact license plate the parent was driving — to help investigators safely return the child home.

Law enforcement, licensed investigators, repossession agencies, bail bondsmen, judgment recovery experts and process servers are just a few of those reaping rewards from tracking down hard-to-find subjects by piecing together leads from bits of information.

Fill in the blanks witnesses can’t recall

Partial information from addresses, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers and more can help investigators piece together a subject’s identity and location through TLOxp. Investigators can search by location radius or age range — even a phonetic name spelling can help narrow a search to the fewest possible options.

For instance, let’s say scribbled handwriting on a police intake form only enables investigators to glean a name, city, and a few digits of a mobile phone number for a person they need to find. Normally, it would take hours of legwork to run those leads. TLOxp’s advanced data algorithm can fill in the rest of the phone number in seconds — as well as other pertinent information about the subject.

Let’s say a stealthy subject has disappeared without a trace. Investigators can perform an advanced search that provides a list of everyone who has lived within the subject’s various zip codes. The data can reveal current residents who also lived there at the same time as the missing person, possibly uncovering a connection that — when combined with traditional investigative techniques — breaks open the case.

The magic behind the report

Data fusion technology is the magic behind TLOxp’s ability to turn scraps of data into comprehensive reports. It integrates and overlays information from multiple sources to establish patterns and identify relationships between people, businesses, assets and locations.

The TLOxp database scours billions of records on an estimated 95% of the U.S. population in seconds, and uses proprietary linking algorithms to identify, connect and rank relevant data. Users can search a wide range of rich and constantly updated datasets from more than 10,000 sources, including motor vehicle registration records, credit bureau header files, police intake reports and demand deposit accounts.

The end of dead-end leads

The better the quality of the data during investigations, the more clear and actionable the picture becomes. Backed by the resources and reputation of TransUnion, TLOxp’s deep, contextual searches deliver more reliable results and significantly fewer false positives. TLOxp turns partial data into functional information.

To learn more about how TLOxp makes it easier and faster to gain valuable leads, contact one of our experts today.

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