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How to save time, reduce legwork and find answers to help investigations

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We live in a world of big data; however more isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes too much information adds more background noise and distracts from what you should be focusing on. The key is to use tools from trusted providers that automatically sift through the data and separate the noise from the information you’re looking for.

Investigative solutions can provide a robust and comprehensive view of subjects and their history, rather than the point-in-time view delivered by traditional data sources. With access to information such as employment records, vehicle sightings, addresses, phone numbers and more, organizations can access actionable information to conduct faster due diligence and resolve issues quickly.

Getting to the right intelligence

TLOxp® investigative solutions use advanced linking and matching algorithms to filter vast volumes of data — both public and proprietary — in just seconds to quickly understand patterns and identify relationships between individuals, their relatives, associates, businesses and assets.

Searching and connecting millions of records provides you with a robust view of the relevant insights you’re looking for. The right investigative solutions delivers actionable intelligence that helps reduce false positives and improve risk decision making.

Fresh information is the best information

When you’re searching for a subject, there’s no substitute for getting the freshest information. Outdated data causes more than just frustration. Old addresses, disconnected phone numbers or closed email accounts don’t move your investigation forward and waste precious time and resources. Whether it’s a fraud case or routine due diligence, it’s critical that you have access to actionable and fresh information.

Get the truth in seconds

Transunion’s TLOxp® helps you uncover and locate data on individuals and businesses. Save time and money using this powerful investigative solution that has numerous ways to search the information you’re looking for.  

You simply set the parameters and TLOxp gets to work, searching hundreds of thousands sources and millions of records to provide data, organized in ways that make sense. TLOxp® can do in seconds what could manually take days, weeks or even months so you can search, identify and locate faster and reduce the legwork.

Perfect for high-volume searches, batch processing offers the ability to flag, scrub and monitor numerous individuals and businesses at once.

TLOxp® can help pinpoint subject locations, verify identities and uncover actionable intelligence in any type of investigation from missing persons to fraud.

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