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How to Prosper During the Expected Tsunami of Legal Actions

With over 22 million American citizens filing for unemployment, along with alleged employer, nursing home, medical and governmental events, our present health and economic environment is forecast to produce an avalanche of legal actions. This blog outlines the prognosis from leading subject-matter experts and suggests how law firms can stay abreast of the forthcoming spate of new clients using TransUnion’s TLOxp®.  

To date, government employees, a handbell factory and hair salon have all filed class action lawsuits, portending additional filings as concerns unfold. Karl Lindegren, Co-Chairman of the California Litigation Practice Group at Fisher & Phillips, commented, “You’ve got some very wealthy, well-established collective action lawyers who won’t be shy about taking this on.”1  Current allegations include possible discrimination during layoffs, putting workers in unsafe conditions and employers denying wages to employees. According to Kent Schmidt at the Costa Mesa, California law firm Dorsey & Whitney, most of the class actions involve alleged price gouging on high-demand products where consumers seek refunds. However, he foresees lag time for employment complaints. In the end, Schmidt said, “the volume of employment cases is going to be higher than any other category, including the consumer cases.”1

As noted in recent news reports, concerns about worker safety at places of employment, including Amazon warehouses and several meat-processing plants, have lawyers predicting class action lawsuits. David Sanford, chairman of the leading class action law firm Sanford Heisler Sharp, commented, “Many people have contacted us, and at this point, we’re evaluating the issues."1

With a plethora of legal cases on the horizon, law firms are facing the paradox of reductions in staff, including associates and legal researchers, just as their work load increases. With monetary returns on these actions not expected until the distant future, firms of all sizes and practice areas must find ways to quickly accomplish more with less.

To that end, one area in the case process that can benefit from TLOxp is the dispute/complaint phase. The deep and broad range of business, consumer and other data from TransUnion supports court proceedings, such as discovery and interrogatories, as well as alternative dispute resolution. Law firms of all sizes have benefited from TLOxp’s features, including the process of seeking the location of member addresses, emails and phone number contact data. It also offers an intuitive user dashboard and quick-guide training videos provided during the seven-day free trial.

To provide actionable service, TransUnion updates its data to allow law firms to quickly notify all confirmed class members of their rights, as well as determine past associations and history. Whether for a single plaintiff or millions of members, we can support your case needs using the online TLOxp application or volume batch services. No matter your level of expertise with data mining, TLOxp is designed to be user friendly, while our team of IT experts provides personalized service to effortlessly support all your larger volume batch needs.

During trials, many law firms have relied on TLOxp to provide data used for statistical analysis. Along with the advanced analytics functions that demonstrate connections between parties both near and far, TLOxp can discover insights for demonstrative evidence, including forensic accounting, the preparation of depositions and counterclaims. In addition, the vast array and historical depth of the database provides background information on expert witness and trial participants. Attorneys use this detailed data to support and enhance their damage analysis.

In the areas of settlement and distribution, lawyers in all practice arenas can rely on TransUnion’s years of database expertise to locate and update case participants, including alternative settlement analysis and management of distribution messaging.

With operational support from TransUnion, you can noticeably reduce time and money spent uncovering information needed to complete comprehensive research. Advanced linking algorithms allow on-demand filtering of massive databases, providing actionable info within seconds. Gain an advantage with current and detailed past data and locate, message and analyze a comprehensive history of consumers and businesses.

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible by delivering an actionable picture of people, businesses and assets. Law firms can use these cost-effective data insights to solve challenges across the entire legal process.

A detailed review of how big data and analytics can support each phase of your case process is available here.

To learn more about how to utilize TLOxp to achieve economical data searches to support your law firm watch our latest on-demand webinar here.



[1] Amanda Bronstad. "Lawyers Predict a 'Huge Explosion' in Worker Class Actions Over COVID-19." April 16, 2020.

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