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How Licensed Private Investigators Can Close Cases Faster with Data

The Time it Takes Licensed Private Investigators to Work Different Types of Cases Varies — but That Time Can Be Cut Dramatically

Even small jobs can take a while. And if you follow the wrong leads or don’t have sufficient information to go on, you can waste significant amounts of time. Let’s look at how much of the clock gets eaten on common assignments — and a tool that can save considerable time.

Tracking down individuals

One of the main and most obvious reasons people use a private investigator is to find someone. Perhaps a missing family member or friend, or someone who seems to have gone off the grid. The time needed to find that person can vary widely — taking anywhere from a few hours to a day, to weeks or even months. The difference often comes down to how much actionable intelligence you have.1


Surveillance is a big part of what PIs do, and time spent documenting the proof someone is looking for can add up fast. Typically, a case is completed in anywhere from 4 to 18 hours, though it can take much longer.2

Compiling evidence for divorce cases makes up a considerable portion of PI work, as do insurance fraud investigations requiring observation of a subject to determine if a disability claim is true.2 Again, it all comes down to the actionable intelligence you do (or don’t) have.

Criminal background checks

These days, people hire PIs to run criminal background checks for many reasons.3 Businesses want to know about job applicants. Landlords want to ensure they rent to good tenants. Some people even hire PIs to confirm facts about people they meet on dating apps, and even that can take up the good part of a day.4

Finding birth parents

This is another popular reason people hire a private investigator, and it can take a couple of hours or days to elicit results.1 This too depends on how much and how recent the information available is. The same applies to finding children who were given up for adoption.1

How to dramatically cut your working hours while increasing your profits

What if you could reduce investigation time from hours or days to less than an hour? 

The TLOxp® database of more than one billion records drastically decreases the time you spend running down leads. With TLOxp, you simply enter as much information as you have and the system will find possible associations with people, assets and businesses, as well as possible locations and other actionable intelligence within seconds.

You’ll be able to search for people, vehicles and properties, and conduct background checks much more quickly and effectively. If someone in the database has already been searched, you’ll immediately be able to access a comprehensive profile. In addition, the search expenses can be rolled up into your client fees, which means TLOxp virtually pays for itself.



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