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Discover More About Your Subjects in Seconds

Searching public records for arrest and incarceration data or driving violations can be a laborious manual process that steals time from investigations. Attempting to piece together information from various sources in ways that make sense adds more time and frustration.

The good news is that individuals leave a large digital footprint. If you know where to look, you can build a comprehensive profile of your subject. A database with millions of records gives you the ability to search for the information you need, when you need it, and connect it in ways that otherwise might have gone unnoticed — all in one place.

A powerful database that has dozens of ways to search, find and interpret data from thousands of sources can do in seconds what would manually take days, weeks or even months to find and plot.

Two types of searches in particular are great ways to dig deeper into subjects and uncover information and relationships that could lead to your person of interest.  


Incarcerations and arrests

Having a view of a subject’s arrests or incarcerations is an extremely useful way to investigate a subject’s criminal history. Because the data is in real-time it can help pinpoint the subject’s recent locations and uncover a wealth of information that takes less time to compile on your part.


Driving violations

Driving violations also offer valuable information. Has your subject ever committed minor or even serious driving offenses, such as DUI, reckless driving, hit and runs, speeding or other moving violations?  Running a driving violation search may give you the information you’re looking for.


Solve cases faster and easier

TransUnion TLOxp® has more than 125 billion records from 10,000 data sources. We’ve launched two new searches — incarceration and arrests and driving violations — both of which enable you to run more robust background checks, skip tracing searches, due diligence reports, and more.

Dig deeper with versatile investigative tools to locate the hardest-to-find individuals. TLOxp enables you to stop manual searching and start tracking your subjects with comprehensive information. You set the search criteria, and TLOxp delivers powerful information.

You can access real-time arrest, booking, jail, and prison records from thousands of United States agencies to determine a subject’s criminal history and current incarceration status.


Build a more comprehensive profile of the subject

A driving violations search returns active, guilty, and dismissed violations, as well as:

  • Identifying an individual’s history of traffic citations and violations over the last seven years
  • Quickly seeing active, dismissed, and guilty violations that may not have otherwise been discovered


Partial information

Even if you have only partial data like incomplete Social Security numbers or partial license plates, TLOxp returns more comprehensive data and maps relationships between a subject and his or her relatives and associates, so you can dig deeper, uncover new leads, and close cases faster.

The search results are accompanied by a confidence rating that indicates the likelihood that the result is associated with the individual you are investigating.


Gather information and find people

Wherever your investigations take you, TLOxp will be by your side.


Achieve outcomes, faster

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