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TLOxp for the Automotive Industry

TLOxp helps combat fraud and minimize risk

TLOxp® from TransUnion enables automotive service providers to better authenticate customers and verify their contact information

Consumers are financing more expensive cars at longer terms, and non-prime auto loans are showing signs of distress. That’s why now, more than ever, our TLOxp solution deserves a place in your solution set. We not only deliver the right data, we deliver better results.

We support lenders, dealers, collectors and repossession professionals across the automotive lifecycle. On the front end of transactions, we help identify and authenticate prospective customers. On the back end, we help locate and contact delinquent accounts. Our data keeps you more informed and better prepared to deal with ever-changing market conditions.

Help battling fraud—without alienating honest customers


Battling automotive application fraud while maintaining a smooth customer experience for honest customers is not easy. Fortunately, our solutions help to mitigate both in-person and online threats to your business. If you’re an automotive lender or dealer, TLOxp is the must-have tool for each and every transaction.

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