About Us

We are a blend of scientists, programmers, technologists, seasoned professional investigators, sworn law enforcement officers, prosecutors, attorneys and executives. Our philosophy is that a company is two things - its products and customers and we are here to serve you.

About our founder Hank Asher

Often cited as the “Father of data fusion”, the TLOxp founder was the original inventor of two earlier-generation products, AutoTrack and Accurint. Hank Asher pioneered the parallel computing architecture that is capable of processing trillions of records at sub-second speeds. TLOxp built upon the experience and innovation he brought to the data fusion industry, to create this third-generation data integration and investigative solution.

Our Leading-Edge, Secure Facility

The TLOxp® product center is a Category 5 hurricane-proof building. We are equipped with the most sophisticated electronic facilities security systems available.

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  • Verify identity
  • Prevent and detect internal and external fraud
  • Link people, businesses, and assets
  • Conduct enhanced due diligence
  • Increase the effectiveness of current fraud prevention and legislative compliance programs
  • Identify relationships between customers, people, and businesses
  • Investigate potential conflicts of interest

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