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What Is TLOxp

Comprised of public and proprietary records, TLOxp® is the most powerful technology in the market for locating and researching connections between individuals, businesses and assets. You can access TLOxp’s massive data repository through the intuitive, online interface and secure API connections.
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The power of TLOxp

TLOxp® is a streamlined, custom, scalable investigative and risk management tool for due diligence, threat assessment, identity authentication, fraud prevention and detection, legislative compliance, and debt recovery.
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  • Collections
    Increase right party contact, customize your skip tool, and shorten the collection cycle.
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
    Reduce costs, increase efficiency and take control of your research and investigations.
  • Licensed Investigators
    Find witnesses, suspects and missing persons. Discover hidden assets, and detect fraud.
  • Financial Services
    Verify identity, detect fraud, comply with BSA/AML regulations and recover debt.
  • Insurance
    Minimize risk, investigate legitimacy of claims and reduce financial losses.
  • Corporate Risk / Fraud
    Prevent fraud, achieve regulatory compliance, and maintain corporate security.
  • Investigative Reporters
    Verify identity, find witnesses and conduct deep background research.
  • Law Enforcement
    Get the critical information you need to solve cases faster.
  • Government
    Authenticate identity, prevent fraud and protect the interests of our citizens.

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