TLOxp Vehicle Sightings

Locate vehicles nationwide using license plate recognition data

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Vehicle Sightings Reports and License Plate Recognition - An Industry First from TLOxp

Available through TLOxp® this breakthrough search is an essential tool when conducting investigations. TLOxp is the first investigative tool to offer a Vehicle Sighting Report that provides instant insight into the travel history and last known locations of any road-bound vehicle.

How Does Vehicle Sighting Work?

We've fused License Plate Recognition (LPR) data into TLOxp that allows you to instantly view actual and historical license plate data.

  • Each Vehicle Sighting includes time, date, and exact location stamps.
  • Integrated with online mapping tools, visual pinpoint location information is available with a single click.
  • Access a massive database of more than a billion vehicle sightings and the addition of up to 50 million sightings added monthly.

Vehicle Sightings Search

Search by license plate in a single state or across the country with returned results within the following categories:


  • Current: sightings within the last 30 days
  • Recent: sightings from 31 to 90 days
  • Historical: sightings older than 90 days

Powerful vehicle sightings search and report


  • Vehicle Sightings is available for a variety of market segments.
  • TLOxp instantly returns a free preview of your subject vehicle sightings. Run a Vehicle Sightings Report to receive detailed information.
  • TLOxp users can conveniently access Vehicle Sightings through any search or report containing a license plate number indicating Vehicle Sightings are available.
Use Vehicle Sightings to:
  • Uncover the most likely locations of search subjects

  • Reveal predictive travel patterns

  • Identify potential associates/relationships/contacts

  • Reach subjects who are actively avoiding contact

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