People searches
TLOxp® people searches are designed to get you the exact information, even in cases where you only have partial source data, such as an incomplete SSN or address. It is also possible to search for your subject using a phonetic name spelling, location radius, or age range. Our exclusive Expert Search offers the expanded ability to not only conduct a linear search of an individual but to also find the connection points between two or more individuals. TLOxp is the only system on the market that is able to provide that functionality.
Business searches
Access detailed business profiles with principals, employees, assets, and additional information to fully support your investigative and risk mitigation efforts. TLOxp business data includes expansive domestic and foreign coverage.
TLOxp searches and reports give you a 360 degree profile of people and businesses. In addition, the searches and reports are 100% customizable down to each individual user, allowing managers to have ultimate control over who has access to what data.