Customer Support

Leading-edge technology is the foundation on which the TLOxp® product was built. However, we believe that when our users have questions or concerns, talking to a real person is the most effective solution.

Each one of our Live Support Specialists is a trained expert in every aspect of TLOxp® – from searches and reports to administrative functions. There are no scripted responses. We treat every call as a unique situation that requires its own solution.

Our Customer Support happily and proudly supports TLOxp because we believe in the power of the product!

TLOxp® Customer Support promise:
  • We will always direct you to the most efficient and least costly search.
  • We will never limit the time that a Live Support Specialist can spend accommodating a request.
  • We will go out of our way to find the best solution to your unique situation every time.

Talk to a Support Specialist
8am - 8pm ET, Monday - Friday: 800-856-5599

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